Ficihp 13.3" Laptop Screen Extender for M1 MacBook One Cable Plug&Play, Cooling System Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop with USB C HDMI, Monitor Attachment for Laptop Frame 13-16 inch Mac/Android

Save $100.00
  • 【Perfect Support M1 Chip Macbook】 Based on the FICIHP P2 motherboard, a dedicated computer driver has been redesigned and developed. It only needs a Type-C cable to connect to FICIHP Pro, which perfectly supports 13"-16" frame laptops ( Including M1 chip Macbook). If you are not sure whether it is suitable for your notebook model/size, please contact the customer service for detailed instructions
  • 【One Cable--Two Screens】 Just one USB-C cable, 13.5'' monitor can easily increase your laptop screen from one to triple displays at the same time. Install a dedicated driver on your laptop and connect it with a Type-C
  • 【Built-in stand】 The built-in stand on the back of the monitor provides all-round support and stability for the screen and laptop. Adjust the length to the desired height by rotating the dial. Press the top lock switch lightly, the stand will automatically pop out, clip it to the top of the notebook screen (rubber ring to protect the screen). Support 13 to 16 inch notebook shell (💻with frame)
  • 【Triple Screen Setup】 The Ficihp Pro external monitor expands your laptop to multi-screen synchronization and multi-screen differential display, allowing you to handle different tasks at the same time, and easily manage multiple applications and windows. You can rotate the screen angle to allow multiple people to watch from different angles at the same time, which is suitable for meetings or lectures.
  • 【Increase viewing comfort】 Ficihp pro portable laptop monitor is equipped with high-quality 13.5’’ FHD 1080P IPS panel, with excellent viewing angle and eye protection, with blue light filtering, anti-glare technology and brightness adjustable function, and the screen comes with a cooling system , No need to rely on laptop heat dissipation, providing users with a better and longer use experience!