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Ficihp Tri-Screen add 2 screens to any laptop

Ficihp is easy to use, its design can be simply clipped to the back of any laptop, as a solution for working professionals, entrepreneurs, coders, stock traders, gamers, and students.

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Ficihp tri-screen

Ficihp 12” Triple Laptop Screen Extender


1. This monitor is compatible with 13"-16" (with border) laptops, not compatible with 17" laptops.

2. Every screen needs video and power to work properly. Type-C port must support both power supply and video transmission.

If your laptop's Type-C port just can transfer data, you need Docking Station to extend HDMI port

3. If the laptop voltage is low, an additional USB cable can be used to power the screen.

Packing List:

  • Triple Screen Extender ×1
  • Type-C Cables ×2
  • HDMI Cables ×2
  • Type-C-USB 2.0 ×2
  • Packaging Box ×1, Operations Manual ×1, Retractable Bracket ×1, Storage Bag ×1

1.Extend Mode
FICIHP monitor can expand the working area, allowing you to handle different tasks at the same time, making your operation more convenient and efficient.

2.Portrait Mode
The portable monitor can be set to portrait mode through the operation manual to get a view suitable for your needs.

3.Mirror Your Display
You can mirror your screen to enjoy a better visual experience while playing games or watching videos. It can be folded from multiple angles and displayed efficiently in working meetings

4.Foldable and Rotatable
Each screen can easily share your work through 202° rotation, 180° presentation mode and three screens in 45° inverted triangle mode to get a screen that suits your needs.

5.Flexible Bracket
Equipped with a 360° adjustable flexible stand that can support the bottom of the extended screen of a 14-16 inch laptop, so you don’t have to worry about overwhelming your laptop. Turning counterclockwise will lower the height of the stand, turning clockwise will raise it. By rotating its height to achieve the best viewing angle.

6.Stretchable Design
The frame design of bi-directional stretching can easily fix the portable screen on the laptop(suitable for 13”-16.5”). Just open the screen in both directions and place it on the laptop screen. Don't worry about damaging your computer if you clamp it too tightly, because its four corners have rubber plugs to protect your computer.